Saturday, January 25, 2014


I enjoy a controversial discussion especially relating to something I am interested in and as in my case these days the subject is PIDP3240 course I am taking on-line.

This is a posting by Robert Lees I enjoyed reading this morning. I found it very relative especially since I was a cheater when taking entry exams to a college at the age of 15.

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Re: Cheating in Online Courses
by Andrey Murphy - Saturday, 25 January 2014, 10:30 AM

Great post. Takes me back to when I was 15 taking entry exam into a college. I wasn't strong in one subject so I just asked my buddy to take the test for me. It actually worked and I got in. I found this very interesting: "Despite public suspicion about online deception, studies seem to show that there is not much difference in the amount of cheating that occurs in virtual and real classrooms"

I wonder if a better solution is not a high cost technology, but a low cost registered facility close or within a short travel distance for the students to the the final test at? Similar to having volunteers monitor the exam as suggested in the article.

I am going to make a separate tab on my blog for interesting resources posted in the Forum area of PIDP3240 course. This is also a requirement for Assignment 4 in Social Media Option and therefore I am "killing two birds with one stone". I think I am going to have lots of interesting resources at the end of this course therefore having a place to park them for future use would be handy.

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