Monday, January 27, 2014


Today was our first of this year Cross Fitness class at BCIT. This is usually a very popular class so much so that students and staff who don't sign up on time have to put their names down on the waiting list. This wasn't the case today, lots of people missing. As we are chatting before the class a question comes up: Why there  are so few people?  The answer I got from a student was very interesting. She thought that's because the class was not announced to those who signed up for it. Neither she or any other people who signed up for the class got notweet or email reminding the students about the starting time. That was an eerie feeling, someone was confirming to me what the author of our PIDP3240 text book wrote: as I was reading through this last night:

"announcing an extra class session verbally is not terribly reliable. Most of us want written confirmation of  meetings or movie times, so put everything in writing.  Students will soon learn to check email or the website instead of asking you" (Bowen J.A. p. 106). 

I am glad I started to tweet and use Facebook. What a great way to announce something to the whole class without too much effort :)

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