Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's Over

This is the eighth week of my PIDP 3240 course.  Assignment 4, which is to make a blog, is due tomorrow.

In our last submission, we are to post the link to our blog and in my case it is: This is a reflection on blogging.

1a.  I've learned that creating a blog is not a very complicated task, with a variety of blog sites available such is,, etc.  Once the blog is created, it's hosted by the blog site which provides the template for the blog pages.  The templates can be customized to reflect individual taste for layout, background etc.  A blog could be created on different topics or interests such as travel, cooking, education, politics and many others and usually it is an expression of a personal opinion, has links to other sites, and is updated on a regular basis.

2a.  I think my favourite blogs are created by Chester Comri and by Jody Lutzke.  The Zodiacbeacon blog page is very clear on what the blog is all about as soon as the home page opens up.  A beautiful background of the zodiac sign tells you right away the purpose of the blog.  This blog is definitely all about astrology, as one would expect.  The blog by Jody Lutzke is geared toward educating young parents, and it has extremely useful information for parents and grandparents alike.  It is updated regularly on the topics of concern.

3a.  In my personal blog, if I were to do it again, my front page would not be restricted by the information I have to put on, which is dictated by Assignment 4 of my PIDP 3240 course.  I may just keep the front page as an introduction to who I am and what my blog is all about.  I would then have different topics of interest tabbed.  I would also try starting the blog from scratch rather than using premade templates, since I now know a little bit more about creating a blog.

4a.  The strength of my blog is my opinion is the variety of information, regular updates, pictures and videos. The weakness of my blog is that it is set up using a template.  This restricts it to limited choices and may not fully reflect the content of my blog.

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